The Pioneer of Basingstoke Taxi Industry – Stuart James Sharman “STU”

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Stuart James Sharman was the pioneer of Basingstoke Taxi Industry. He was born on 13th June 1946. He was the first one, who started the local taxi business in Basingstoke. Stu made a significant contribution to developing the taxi industry in Basingstoke. He was a down to earth person. He was able to understand the situation of a taxi driver by the virtue of his experience. Stu had also maintained a congenial relationship with the local taxi drivers.

Stu was compassionate about the taxi drivers. The life of a taxi driver is not easy in the UK. The traffic rules and regulations are strict in the UK. The taxi drivers have to go for 8000 hours of rigorous training. They have to face enhanced criminal record checks. The UK taxi drivers are world renowned for the quality of their training and for providing a gold standard service. They have to do pickups during the odd hours. Moreover, they ensure passenger and public safety while going on a trip. The taxi drivers have to adhere to the standards of UK traffic rules & regulation. Stu knew all these kinds of stuff about the taxi drivers. So, he used to help the drivers in all possible ways.

He was one of the successful entrepreneurs who assessed the need for taxi services in Basingstoke. He understood the basic need of a customer. A customer seeks for security when it comes to hiring a taxi. Stu also analyzed that the people look for on-time pickup and drop service. In addition, the challenge of a customer lies in finding a taxi during odd hours. So, Stu architected the local taxi company where people can call and book a taxi. He was caring towards society too. Stu was involved in social activities as well. He was a true friend and a golf lover. He passed away on 23rd April 2019. After death, Stu was honored with the name “Fallen Angel”. Delta Cars Basingstoke pays tribute to the legend of Basingstoke Taxi Industry. Stuart, you will always be in our Heart and Memories; we will miss you. You were a true speed lover. May your soul rest in peace!

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